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Wildwood Troubador Banjo

We recently posted a feature on the Wildwood Minstrel open back clawhammer style banjo. Yesterday we took delivery of the slightly more dressed up Wildwood Troubador frailing banjo with binding and wood purfling on both neck and rim as well as some very tastefully executed abalone inlay work on the fingerboard and peghead. The Troubador is a professional level instrument in every regard. The wood selection is top notch as is the craftsmanship and attention to detail with regards to fit and finish. The tone projects without being harsh or losing the ‘old time’ clawhammer sound.

Wildwood banjo necks are 2 piece –  laminated maple with an ebony black veneer down the center line. Laminated necks are inherently stronger and more stable than most 1 pc. necks. Each neck is reinforced with a 2-way adjustable truss rod system. Binding and wood purfling along the side of the neck is standard on all models except the Minstrel. The intensity of the figure in the wood, as well as the complexity of the inlays increase with each model.

Wildwood rims are completely different from conventional rims. Where as conventional rims are “wrapped laminates”, our rims are machined from solid rock maple blocks. The effect is obvious as soon as you play one of our banjos. The volume, the clarity, the character of the sound are all due to the solid nature of these rims. Each rim is machined to exacting spec’s, bound and purfled to match the neck (on open back models only), and stained to match the color of the neck.

Serial Number: Varies as New


Status: Available