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Sir Ramic Custom Handmade Slides

John Tilden has been recognized as one of Canada’s top slide players for 30 years. We are excited to be able to offer handmade Sir Ramic Custom Handmade Slides by noted vocalist Elizabeth Tilden. Each slide is a unique piece and sells for $19.95 Canadian dollars ($14.95 U.S. dollars at today’s exchange rate). Here’s what John has to say about them!
“For years, before commercially produced slides were available (the Dark Ages), I searched everywhere for something that would make the perfect slide. No piece of pipe avoided my scrutiny. No bottle went unbroken.

Eventually I found the bar in my locker at high school was exactly the diameter I was looking for. This kept me for many years but I learned that glass makes a different sound and was more appropriate for certain guitars.


Companies, by this time, were mass producing glass slides and also were starting to make ceramic ones. This was a wonderful discovery; that ceramic was somewhere between glass and metal for sound. There are a number a companies making ceramic slides now but what they have lost in the mass production, is the feeling of discovering a personal slide for oneself. Ceramic artists for years have been using this medium for self expression and utilitarian needs.

Thus was born “Sir Ramic Slides”. All slides are approximately 1/4″ thick and between 2 1/2″ and 3″ long; long enough to cover all the strings on most guitar necks.

The holes are all about 3/4″ but if you want one slightly larger or smaller you can find one if you are trying them on in a store or by asking when you order by email.

Every slide is a different and beautiful work of art. Some are clear glazed to show the special mixture of clays. Some are a coloured glaze design or just a unique colour….. whatever Elizabeth feels like at the time she’s making them!”

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