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1958 Rickenbacker Model 1000 – SOLD


The Rickenbacker Model 1000 is a short-scale (21.5″) instrument with a distinctive ‘tulip’ shape which plays well and looks really cool!

Serial Number N/A
Pricing $1299 CDN SOLD
Neck Maple Neck, Through-Body type with rosewood fingerboard and dot inlays.
Frets 21 Frets and 3/4 scale at 21.5″.
Body Through-neck design. The wings are painted black and the center is lacquered maple.
Finish Original Black and clear lacquer
Hardware/electronics Single pre-toaster pickup, volume and tone controls and a switch. Tuners have been replaced with Gotoh plastic button models.
Playability/Action This little guitar plays very well!
Case Included.
Comments This is an 1958 model and is very cool.

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