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Gretsch G9230 ‘Bobtail Deluxe’ Resonator

Serial Number Varies as new. This model is G9230, the “Bobtail”.
Pricing $689 CAD with Fishman Nashville pickup. Available as squareneck (shown) and roundneck. A Canadian-made TKL case is available at extra cost.
Neck Mahogany squareneck with bound rosewood fingerboard. Pearlescent headplate with vertical GRETSCH overlay. 25″ scale length and 1.75″ nut width.
Frets 12 frets to the body, 19 in total.
Body Mahogany top, back and sides with soundwell construction and F-holes. Aged white binding around top and back.
Finish Satin, dark cherry sunburst.
Hardware/electronics Fishman Nashville pickup system factory installed, with endpin jack.
Chrome cover (with Gretsch Ampli-Sonic)logo) over spider resonator, open gears and traditional style tailpiece.
Playability/Action Plays well, and the frets on the squareneck model will never wear out.
Case Hardshell Arch-top ‘Canadian’ case, made by TKL, included.
Comments Gretsch has recently re-introduced affordable acoustic and resonator guitars and these ones just arrived as part of their ‘Roots’ collection. The 12-fret neck puts the saddle closer to the center of vibrating area of the body, producing more of both tone and volume. And it looks very cool! The pearlescent headplate is a very nice touch.

The Fishman Nashville pickup is a split, under-saddle piezo pickup that goes directly to the output jack. It is a passive, battery-free system. Outputis lower than active systems but it is usable without a preamp. A preamp is recommended for impedance matching and tone shaping.

The Fishman Nashville system is the pickup developed specifically for use with the Fishman Jerry Douglas Aura pedal; with 16 of Jerry’s custom “Reso-voices” on board.

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