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Guitar Doctor Lubricant

Guitar Doctor Lubricant from Wyres Strings is based on PTFE, a very well-known no-stick product, which produces a super-slippery lubricant and rust preventative for guitars.

For 25 years we have used the original MagikLube lubricant in the larger pen shaped luthier’s format applicator. The luthiers in our workshop use it daily – as a lubricant on new bone and synthetic nuts, saddles, truss rod adjustors and as a rust preventative on metal saddles and hardware on electric guitars. It is THE best lubricant for open gear guitar tuners, string tree contact points and the knife edges on whammy bar bridges.

Now, the same product is available in a reasonably leak-resistant applicator that will fit in any instrument case.

This is an essential part of any guitar player’s maintenance kit.

Price: $12.95. Shipping by post is typically $3.50

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