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The Twelfth Fret Storefron

The Twelfth Fret Tour with Dallas Green

Presenting The Twelfth Fret Tour with Dallas Green! Recently, the team from CNW Creative came by to do a set of videos with interviews of

The Twelfth Fret Storefront

The Twelfth Fret Tour

Recently Grant MacNeill did a couple of tours of our shop, The Twelfth Fret at 2132 Danforth Avenue in Toronto, Canada. Here are two versions

Peterson StroboPlus HD Handheld Strobe Tuner

Luthiers and guitar setup techs who got their start in the 1970s or 80s "cut their teeth" on the Conn or Peterson Stroboscopic tuners.

Cruz Tools GrooveTech The Best String Cutters!

Cruz Tools GrooveTech The Best String Cutters

Godin Seagull with Sound Port Modification

Here's a Godin Seagull with Sound Port modification that increases, for the player, their volume and tone experience of the guitar.

Ed Henderson Concert and CD Release at Heliconian Hall!

Ed Henderson is one of my first customers going back to the early days of The Twelfth Fret. In those days he was

Fender, 1969 model

In the late 1960s BSA started to “re-badge” some BSA models with Triumph badges and tanks; the Triumph TR25W Scrambler and the B-25

Kevin O’Leary and Harry Rosen at The Twelfth Fret

Recently, Grant gave up his work bench for a morning of bright lights and camera work last week for a Harry Rosen ad campaign; here

Eric Pykala 1952 – 2012

Our sympathies to Paul Pykala and family for the sudden loss of their brother and uncle, Erik Pykala who passed away at his home in