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The Twelfth Fret has a huge and constantly changing stock of instruments – new, vintage, used and consignment. Our stock changes so often that we can’t post everything in detail. Our Just In List displays much of what has just come in – with one or two photos or a video, essential information and a way to contact us if you’d like more details or just to buy it!

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2012 Fender Jaguar Special Edition Thinline Electric Guitar

Price: $1096
US Price: US $872.82
*US dollar exchange varies daily
Date Listed: 18-01-2017
S/N: U064925, made for Fender Japan at the Fuji-Gen plant for the 2012 model year.
Cool and pretty rare - 250 were built - the Fender Jaguar Special Edition Thinline was put together by Fender Japan for the 2012 model year. Except for the thinline body, it hews pretty closely to the original Fender Jaguar concept.

This example is in excellent original condition though a Mastery bridge - a definite improvement - has been added, and the original part is in the gig bag case.

1976 Gibson Les Paul Deluxe Sunburst

Price: $3450
US Price: US $2747.47
*US dollar exchange varies daily
Date Listed: 18-01-2017
Weight: 10.2 lbs
S/N: 00 130797, built during 1976 at either the Kalamazoo Michigan or Nashville Tennessee plants.
The Gibson Les Paul Deluxe first appeared in 1969, influenced heavily by parts Gibson had on hand. Using the P-90 routing patterns and 'New Yorker' style mini-humbuckers, the Les Paul Deluxe originally carried the 'gold top' finish but into the 1970's received sunburst finishes.

This example dates to 1976 and it's uncertain whether it was built in the old plant in Kalamazoo, Michigan or the new plant in Nashville, Tennessee. It's been used as intended, so there is moderate wear to the finish on the back, and moderate fret wear. The original tuners were replaced with Gibson Deluxe 'keystone' models, leaving open screw holes behind. Otherwise, it looks and plays great! The original hardshell case is included.

1972 Fender Stratocaster Natural Finish

Price: $3999.99
US Price: US $3185.47
*US dollar exchange varies daily
Date Listed: 18-01-2017
S/N: 356119, built during 1972 at the Fender plant in Fullerton, California USA.
Here's a very nice, all original 1972 Fender Stratocaster in natural finish. At this point, the Micro-Tilt neck adjustment had just been introduced. Aside from visual changes like the larger headstock and the availability of a rosewood fingerboard, the Micro-Tilt was the first major change to the Stratocaster since its introduction, and Leo Fender's last major contribution to the design.

The Fender Micro-Tilt addressed a problem ovelooked in the original Fender bolt-on neck design. For a host of reasons, it's frequently necessary to change the neck angle (or pitch, or tilt) on a guitar. On the original Fender design, doing this required loosening the strings, removing the four neck bolts, inserting or removing shims, reassembling the guitar and repeating till the adjustment was correct.

With the Fender Micro-Tilt, there were only three bolts on a triangular plate with one hole for a set screw. Inside the neck cavity there is a small metal plate, tapped for the set screw while the neck itself got a small metal plate for the set screw to push against. All that's needed to adjust the neck angle is to loosen the third bolt, turn the set scre with an allen key, and retighten the bolt. It's not even necessary to loosen the strings, so it's much faster and easier to quickly adjust the guitar's action. Final adjustments are done with the saddles on the bridge itself. The Fender Micro-Tilt was a dramatic improvement in the ability to service these instruments, and is still in use though many current implementations use four bolts again, for neck stability.

This example of a natural finish Fender Stratocaster with maple fingerboard was built during 1972 in the Fender Fullerton, Califonia plant. It is in all original condition, though I suspect that the spring for the original 3-position switch has been removed - this was a common tweak that made the two 'extra' switch positions available. (The only difference between 3 and 5 way switches is the punching of two detents in the swtich housing). There is some finish damage along the bottom edge near the strap pin, and wear at the treble edge of the fingerboard around frets 3 - 6. The original hardshell case is included.

Here's an interesting article on the Fender website discussing the Fender Stratocaster in the 1970's.

1937 Gibson L-12 Archtop Guitar

Price: $4500
US Price: US $3583.66
*US dollar exchange varies daily
Date Listed: 17-01-2017
S/N: 94246, built during 1937 at the Gibson plant in Kalamazoo, Michigan.
Introduced in 1930, the Gibson L-12 archtop guitar became a workhorse for many big-band guitarists in the days before amplification became common and required. Originally using a 16-inch wide body, in 1935 the body grew to 17 inches, and between 1935 and 1939 the top carried an X brace.

This lovely example of the Gibson L-12 was built during 1937 at the historic Kalamazoo, Michigan plant. It is in overall good condition with expected lacquer checking, but it has no damage and no repairs. Mostly original, the pickguard appears to be a later addition with original binding added. The original case has long ago disappeared, but we can supply a new case.

1976 Gibson ES-335 TD Thinline Archtop Electric Guitar, Black

Price: $4451
US Price: US $3544.64
*US dollar exchange varies daily
Date Listed: 12-01-2017
S/N: 00 108892, built during 1976 in Kalamazoo Michigan or Nashville Tennessee.
Here's a nice Gibson ES-335 TD thinline archtop electric guitar in black, from 1976 when a coil tap switch was standard equipment. This guitar was built in either Kalamazoo or Nashville; at this point Gibson was far into the move to Nashville but some production still took place in Kalamazoo. If it was built in Kalamazoo, it's one of the last.

This guitar is in almost original condition - the original Gibson tuners have been replaced with Schaller models. The frets are original and are fairly low, which was common practice at the time, but they do not show a lot of string wear. There is one finish chip on the back of the neck near the 4th fret, but otherwise the neck finish does not show a lot of wear. On the body, the finish is checking (a natural cracking process) and there's slight flaking on the back near the bass side waist. The original hardshell case is included.

Duesenberg Paloma Solidbody Electric Guitar, Narvik Blue

Price: $3109
US Price: US $2475.91
*US dollar exchange varies daily
Date Listed: 12-01-2017
S/N: Varies as new, this is 162548, built during 2016 in Hannover, Germany.
The Duesenberg Paloma is a solidbody, three pickup, 22 fret electric guitar, featuring an alder body, short Duesenberg Radiator Tremola and a set neck with a 648mm scale.

The Duesenberg Paloma is for those who seek ultimate flexibility. The three pickup layout features a Grand Vintage Humbucker and two matched Duesenberg Singlecoils, Pearlito and AlnicoBlade. These offer a wide variety of sounds for any situation. The four pickup combinations are accessible through a new 4-Way rotary switch. All of that is topped off by the premium Radiator Tremola, deluxe Diamond fretboard inlays and a beautifully shaped body contour.

All Duesenberg instruments are fitted with custom branded hardware. The fretboards are carefully pleked and finished by hand for optimum playability and the smooth feel.

The Paloma is available in Red-Sparkle and Narvik Blue.

Visit the Duesenberg website to learn more about the Duesenberg Paloma electric!

2000 Cornford MK50H Tube Amplifier Head

Price: $1999.99
US Price: US $1592.73
*US dollar exchange varies daily
Date Listed: 12-01-2017
S/N: 0383, built around 2000 in the UK.
Designed and hand built in the UK, the hand-built, point to point Cornford MK50H tube amplifier head was regarded as one of the best amps available. Cornford ceased production in 2013 so these amps are no longer available new.

This Cornford MK50H, a 50-watt tube amp head, is in good clean condition with no rips or dents. The original two-button footswitch is included.

Visit the Cornford Amps website to learn more about the Cornford MK50H!

2008 Heritage H137 ‘TV’ Solidbody Electric Guitar

Price: $1599
US Price: US $1273.39
*US dollar exchange varies daily
Date Listed: 11-01-2017
S/N: Y1 2002, built during 2008 at the Heritage plant in Kalamazoo, Michigan.
The Heritage H137 makes direct reference to one of the popular Gibson Les Paul models - the 1950's Les Paul Special 'TV' model, named after the finish which was designed to show up on black and white televisions.

The Heritage H137 uses the simple mahogany slab body of the TV, with the same mahogany neck and rosewood fingerboard and electronics layout. However, the hardware is much better, with the P-90 pickups by Lollar, Grover Roto-Matic tuners, and an adjustable for intonation bridge / stop tailpiece combination. This example dates to 2008, built at the Heritage shop in Kalamazoo Michigan USA, and is in good condition with minor play wear and minor fret wear. A hardshell case is included.

2007 Douglas Harrison GB Thinline Archtop Guitar

Price: $4200
US Price: US $3344.75
*US dollar exchange varies daily
Date Listed: 10-01-2017
S/N: 3407, built during 2007 at Douglas Harrison's shop in Toronto, Ontario.
The Douglas Harrison GB thinline archtop guitar has proven very popular with jazz guitarists. Designed with - and originally for - the late Gary Benson and built in Toronto, Ontario, the Harrison GB uses a carved solid spruce top on a chambered back.

This Harrison GB dates to 2007 and is in good working order. It has been used as intended, so there are a few wear marks and dings, notably two small marks on the top at pickup level near the edge. The spruce top has a nice hint of bearclaw and the maple back sides and neck are clearly flamed. There is little visible fretwear. The headplate, fingerboard, tailpiece, pickguard, bridge base and knobs are ebony. The original ebony bridge top is in the case, and has been replaced with a gold TonePros roller bridge, and this has had some silicone added to dampen rattling. The metal parts are gold plated. The tuners are Gotoh 510, and the pickup is a Seymour Duncan SH-1 59 model. The finish is nitrocellulose lacquer with an 'antique' tint.

This guitar has been recently set up with 11's and plays well, with an action height of 6/64ths bass and 5/64ths treble. The original TKL case is included.