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2000 Allstrummer Thinline Aluminum Body Electric Guitar

Price: CDN $1950
US Price: US $1552.92
*US dollar exchange varies daily
Class: Used
Date Listed: 24-03-2017
S/N: N/A, built around 2000 by Robert Card in the Toronto area.
Here's an interesting piece of Canadian musical history - an Allstrummr thinline aluminum body cutway electric by Robert Card, who had worked for Lado Music. Around the year 2000 when this guitar was built, Lado (run by Joseph Kovacic) had moved from Uxbridge to Scarborough. It's not known if the guitar was built at the Lado shop.

This design is clearly influenced by efforts like those of James Trussart, but does not have the finish effects Trussart is well known for. It has an aluminum body, with a shape rather like an ES-137, with a walnut neck and rosewood fingerboard (possibly Brazilian), brass nut and abalone dot position markers. On the rear of the head, there's an extra metal plate. Long ago, there was a plate like this commercially available under the name 'Fathead', intended to increase sustain and brightness. The tuners are Grover Roto-Matics, the pickups are Lollar humbuckers. The controls use a standard wiring layout. A leather gig bag is included.

This unusual guitar is in very good condition and plays well.

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