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2016 Gibson ES-345 VOS 1964, Bigsby and Varitone, Olive Drab

Price: CDN $5799
US Price: US $4618.14
*US dollar exchange varies daily
Class: New
Date Listed: 26-06-2017
S/N: 61573, built for the 2016 model year at the Gibson Memphis plant in Tennessee.
The 1964 Gibson ES-345 VOS 1964 in Olive Drab Green finish is a historically accurate re-creation of this much loved semi-hollow electric archtop guitar.

While historically accurate in terms of construction and dimensions, the ES-345 VOS 1964 comes in an exotic alternative vintage finish that never made it to the originals of the '60. This is complemented by split parallelogram fingerboard inlays and period-correct plastics, hot hide glue neck and body construction, matched potentiometer sets, rolled fingerboard binding and a great set of MHS humbuckers for true PAF tone.

This is a very nice guitar to play. I personally find Gibson necks of this era to be the most comfortable to my hand - they are a bit narrower at the nut hand have a slimmer profile than the 50's models. The Bigsby works well. It's mounted far enough back from the bridge to provide a decent pitch range, while still allowing subtle shades. The original Gibson hardshell case is included.

Visit the Gibson Memphis website to learn more about the Gibson ES-345 VOS!

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