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Other Amplifiers

Here at the Twelfth Fret and beyond the brands listed above, we have a great selection of electric and acoustic guitar amplifiers, both new and vintage. We ship worldwide!

Egnater Summer Sale

Sale: 15% off on all in stock Egnater Amps!


Egnater Tweaker 40

I'm a huge fan of the original Egnater Tweaker amp, so I was very pleased to see that Egnater has left the original control layout

Egnater Amplifiers

We first became a dealer for Egnater Amplification last summer, after seeing their amps on display at the 2008 MIAC trade show. Since that time,

Egnater Tourmaster 4100 Amplifier & 412 Cabinet

The Tourmaster™ 4100 represents the latest in tube guitar amp technology. Legendary amp builder Bruce Egnater's aim in creating the Tourmaster™ 4100 is to

Roland Cube 80X Amplifier

Introducing the most powerful guitar amplifier in the CUBE Series lineup: the new CUBE-80X. Expanding on the top-selling CUBE-60, the CUBE-80X delivers 80 watts of

Matchless Amplifiers : the Independence 35

Matchless is one of those companies that has created a very distinct “mojo” out there amongst guitarists. In the past, they have been a catalyst

Matchless Avalon 30 Head and Cab

Being a guy that is, in a word, spoiled by having amazing amps at my disposal, I've always had a soft spot for Matchless amps.

Matchless Lightning Reverb: LG-112 Combo SOLD

I’ve always been a sucker for a nice, lush, clean Class A tone. If you know the lineage of this company, there is nothing else


Fryette Memphis 30 SOLD

Taking its cue from the Pitbull Classic series, the Memphis 30 is a new combo in Steve Fryette's fleet of monster heads. The aim with