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Xotic Effects

Boutique pedal maker Xotic Effects has become a favorite of many of us here at the Twelfth Fret, and countless guitar players around the world. Every model in their catalog is winner –  including the EP Booster, SP Compressor, RC Booster, BB Preamp, and more.  Xotic effects are designed and built in the USA.  The Twelfth Fret proudly carries a range of Xotic effects, and we ship worldwide!


Xotic BB Plus

There has been so much hype (and phone calls!!!) over this Xotic BB Plus pedal. Due to parts supply issues and delays in manufacture, the


Xotic AC Plus

This was the first of the dual pedals to arrive and already has been creating a buzz with our staff. This is without a doubt


Xotic RC Booster

The Xotic RC Booster is a versatile boost pedal armed with active Treble, Bass ,Gain and Volume controls allow for limitless tone shaping. With the


Xotic AC Booster

The Xotic AC Booster achieves a warm and pleasant sound with its transparent but never harsh circuit.


Xotic BB Preamp

The Xotic BB Preamp offers awide variety of sounds. It's not only capable of a 30dB+ clean boost with an adjustable ±15dB two band active