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Bass Guitars

When Leo Fender introduced the Precision Bass in 1951, the presentation of music was changed forever. The fretted electric bass became the mainstay of countless groups in nearly all musical forms. The Twelfth Fret is proud to carry a range of high quality basses. We set up instruments to the player’s requirements and we ship worldwide.

2017 Godin Passion RG-4 Bass Guitar

Built at the Godin Premiere Atelier in Richmond Quebec, the Godin Passion RG-4 bass is an excellent rendering of the highly practical P-J bass

2016 Jason Kiefte Custom Thinline Archtop Bass Guitar

When I first saw the Kiefte Custom Thinline Archtop Bass Guitar, I thought it looked familiar; it is based on the successful Douglas Harrison GB

Hofner 500-1 V62 Reissue Mersey Violin Bass

The Hofner 500-1 violin bass is one of the world's most recognizable basses. Light and comfortable with a distinctive woody tone, the Hofner 500/1

Hofner 500-2 Club Bass

We've just received a batch of new Hofner basses, including a Made-In-Germany 500-2 Club Bass! Introduced in 1965, the Club Bass is structurally similar

Hofner Gold Label 500-1 Violin Bass Royal Blue

We've just received a batch of new Hofner basses, including this stunning Gold Label Series 500/1 Violin Bass in Royal Blue!

Godin A4 Ultra Fretless Bass

Featuring a chambered Silver maple body with a spruce top, a rock maple neck with either an ebony (on the fretless models) or rosewood (on

Hofner 500/2 Club Bass

Based on the Club guitar, the Hofner 500/2 Club Bass was introduced in 1965 and built to 1970. It was never as popular

2012 Hofner 500-1 UK Jubilee Bass

Today we are fortunate to be viewing a 2012 Hofner 500-1 UK Jubilee Bass, a rare and interesting model. For Queen Elizabeth's Diamond Jubilee, Hofner

Hofner HCT-500/1 SB Violin Bass Contemporary Beatle Bass

We've just received a shipment of CT basses, and they are available for $999 CDN with case!