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Classical and Flamenco

Classical and Flamenco guitars, and the modern ‘crossover’ nylon string guitar are used in many musical genes, not just strictly traditional forms. The Twelfth Fret is proud to carry classical and flamenco guitars from some of the top builders in the world, including Ramirez, Alhambra, Cervantes and a number of private builders. We set up instruments to the player’s requirements and we ship worldwide.


Cervantes Classical Guitars are back!

We are very happy to be receiving Cervantes classical and flamenco guitars again! In stock now we have a Cervantes Fleta Concert with


Cervantes Fleta Concert Classical Guitar

We are very happy to be receiving Cervantes classical and flamenco guitars again. This Cervantes Fleta Concert, built with solid Indian rosewood with


Cervantes Rodriguez PE Studio Series Palo Escrito Classical Guitar

The Cervantes Rodriguez PE is built in the traditional style after the work of Manuel Rodriguez II, who worked in Madrid, in his own shop


2013 Rubin de Jonge Classical Guitar

2013 Rubin de Jonge Classical Guitar. French Polish finish. Englemann spruce top, Indian Rosewood back and sides, raised fingerboard, lattice braced. 650mm scale length, 52mm


Raines Master Series 7 string Classical Guitars

Finally we can offer a well made 7 - string classical guitar at a reasonable price - the Raines Master Series 7 String. Used extensively


Alhambra Luthier Rio Concert Classical Guitar

The instrument we are highlighting today is the prestigious Alhambra Luthier Rio Concert Classical Guitar. This excellent instrument, now available only on special order,

Bruce West Spruce Top Classical Guitar 2013 top

2013 Bruce West Spruce Top Classical Guitar

This is a 2013 Bruce West spruce top classical guitar. Bruce West builds from his shop near Stirling, Ontario, and has been involved with


2010 Bruce West Classical

This 2010 Bruce West Classical is new and an excellent instrument with full, resonant bass and clear, crisp trebles.


Ramirez SPR Classical Guitar Spruce and Cedar

The Ramirez SPR classical guitar is the newest version of the hand made, maestro-built "SP" model. The model designation SP stands for