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Collings Electrics

Bill Collings produces a lot of spectacularly good instruments at his shop in Austin, Texas. The Twelfth Fret carries several models of his electric line; we will set instruments up to the owner’s specifications and we ship worldwide.

Collings Model 290 TV Yellow

How many companies (including the one that invented this finish) have tried to recreate the "TV Yellow" finish with disastrous ... even hideous results?

Collings City Limits CL Deluxe

It's the little things that really makes Collings electric guitars stand out ... the painstaking thin gloss finish, intensely figured carved maple cap,

Collings I-35 Deluxe

Hey, somebody has to be at the top of the heap ... numero uno ... the cream of the crop. Once again Bill


Collings AT 16 Archtop

Built in very limited numbers the Collings Archtop series of guitars are visually stunning and sonically outstanding! Everything about these guitars screams high class from