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Other Independent Luthiers

The Twelfth Fret carries instruments from a wide range of builders and has long promoted independent Canadian luthiers. Here are some more of the instruments we carry or have carried. We ship worldwide.


2014 Alexander James Ethos Ebony Solidbody Electric Guitar

The Alexander James Ethos model, and others, have been built in Peterborough, Ontario since 2008, using selected exotic woods and top quality parts.


2015 Alexander James Ethos Mun Ebony

2015 Alexander James Ethos Mun Ebony


Dave Fox Roasted Maple Slope Shoulder Dreadnought

Dave Fox Roasted Maple Slope Shoulder Dreadnought


Miller Coodercaster – Audio Samples by James Robertson SOLD

Alastair Miller's latest hand-made creation, the Coodercaster, screams "MOJO!" from top to bottom.  A great selection of vintage hardware and electronics are paired beautifully with


Alexander James “Ursa” Maple Guitar SOLD

Alexander James is without a doubt one of the most talented young luthiers I have ever met. Based out of Peterborough Ontario, Alexander builds exquisitely


Miller Barncaster #ELT134 – SOLD

There's nothing quite like the elegance and "no nonsense" simplicity of a nice Tele. Especially when you are holding one as wonderfully made as Alastair


Lacroix 000 12 “The Fountain” No Longer Available

Today we are featuring a new guitar from local builder John Lacroix. This is a very cool 000 body guitar with a 12 fret neck


Lacroix 000 12 “Fleur de lis” No Longer Available

Here is another new guitar from local builder John Lacroix. The 000 12 "Fleur de lis" is the sister guitar to the 000 12 "The


Karol Grand Concert 13 Fret Brazilian SOLD

There are a few builders that always grab my attention when they bring a new guitar into the shop and Anthony Karol is definitely one