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Dulcimers, or the Appalacian dulcimer, are types of zithers with three or four strings, often played lap-style as an accompaniment to vocals. The Twelfth Fret carries several models of dulcimer; we set instruments up to the player's requirements and we ship worldwide.

Seagull Merlin Standup Dulcimer

Seagull Merlin Standup Dulcimer

Applecreek Mountain Dulcimer

The Applecreek Mountain Dulcimer in cherry is a good, lower cost alternative to the McSpadden models. Build of solid cherry with old-world craftsmanship, the

McSpadden Mountain Dulcimer

The McSpadden Mountain Dulcimer Company of Arkansas made their first mountain dulcimer in 1962 They make only mountain dulcimers and their four full-time craftsmen