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Nechville Phantom Model Figured Maple Leon Hunt Banjo


Comments The Nechville Phantom Model Figured Maple Leon Hunt Banjo, while not a ‘formal’ Nechville model, is based on the Nechville Phantom XXV (Phantom 25), using all the Nechville Phantom elements plus very highly figured maple for the neck and resonator (rather than the stock figured walnut construction), with a slight walnut tint to the finish.These spectactular banjos are made for The Twelfth Fret and are based closely on the Nechville banjo made for Leon Hunt. Nechville features include moving the 5th string peg to the headstock and using a ‘tunnel’ to run the string to the gear; this gets the 5th string tuner out of the way for all hand positions.

The 3-ply maple rim is fitted with a Nechville Timbr-Tronic wood tone ring, engineered from Cocobolo-wood and floating on a 9:1 ratio mix of steel and nylon ball bearings; an essential component of the Nechville Heli-mount / Cyclotronic system. The Cocobolo-wood tone ring gives the warm, fat tone of the famous Nechville ‘Zeus’ model. The attractive copper finish on the metal components is chosen to complement the warm ocher colour of the Cocobolo-wood fretboard; a custom-order finish done for The Twelfth Fret.

One subtle feature of the Phantom ‘Leon Hunt’ model is light weight. The model shown weighs only 8 pounds, like a pretty average electric guitar!

Read about the Nechville Phantom banjo at the Nechville website here.

Visit Leon Hunt’s website here. What a player!

Serial Number Varies as new. The model shown is 1863, built in Tom Nechville’s shop in Bloomington, Minnesota, USA.
Pricing $4750 Canadian dollars, or $3740 US dollars, based on 1.27% exchange rate.

NOTE: Exchange rates change daily!

Neck Highly figured maple neck with cocobolo fingerboard and characteristic Nechville 5th string tunnel and two-way truss rod. 7 to 12 inch compound radius fingerboard.
Frets Wider frets, providing more mass at the string end for a clearer, more solid tone and better sustain.
Body The Phantom features Nechville’s Cocobolo Timbr-Tronic exotic wood tone ring, Nechville’s Exclusive Cyclotronic Rolling Rim Pot System and a 3 Ply Maple Rim, and Necvhille’s patented Heli-Mount Frame and adjustable radiused neck attachment, plus a Renaissance head. The resonator and armrest are nothing short of spectacular.
Finish Clear gloss finish with a light walnut tint, to bring out the figure of the maple. The metal parts have a light amber tint.
Hardware/electronics Gold plated tuners, and standard Nechville Phantom components with a Cocobolo armrest.
Playability/Action Nechville banjos play very well, and we will of course set up the instrument to the player’s requirements. And, at 8 pounds, this banjo is easy to wear without immediate fatigue!
Case Arch top Hard shell TKL case included.


Here is an earlier Nechville Phantom Model Figured Maple Leon Hunt Banjo, number 1485, built in 2012:

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