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We are constantly on the prowl for interesting new instruments and once in a while we find a real gem, Republic guitars is definitely one of those gems !! Specializing in Resophonic guitars, Republic builds several models of metal body resophonic guitars. None of these are “replicas” but rather built in the spirit or style of the originals using the same materials and low-tech hand assembly techniques. Hand-made in China, these instruments have an exceptionally high level of workmanship and quality-control that I am not accustomed to seeing in this price range. With clean joinery and fretwork throughout, these guitars have the look of an instrument that was actually looked over by the luthier, inspected and setup before it was shipped !!

We are particularly fascinated by the steel body, “Resolian guitars” and will be stocking these models along with the metal body Ukulele. These vintage-looking guitars are a new concept from Republic since historically, metal-body Parlour-size resophonics were not made on a production basis. (or “parlor” as spelled in Benny Franklin’s dictionary) Surprisingly these guitars are nearly as loud as a full body guitar. The parlour sizing significantly reduces weight and makes for a much more comfortable “couch potato” slide guitar. The full, fat neck with 1 7/8 nut, 12 fret neck joint and soft V neck gives the guitar an authentic 1930s feel.

The cone and biscuit are Republic-brand and have the appearance of a National spun cone. They sound good to my ears but undoubtedly, one would probably hear a subtle increase in bass with a true National Spun cone and maple biscuit. Though that said, they do sound great and are easily equal or superior to any of the other low priced metal body National copies we have seen.

We carry them in the historic shiny nickel-plate finish as well as the funky aged brass and tarnished “relic” nickel finishes. All three finishes are the same price at $749.00 Canadian and include a hardshell case.

Note: we do ship daily to the USA and are happy to serve our US customers if you are looking for a new Republic. Frank at Republic does sell direct to the public in the USA. Our prices are well below the direct price for buyers living in Canada but Franks domestic shipping costs are less if you reside in the USA.

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