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2008 G&L Comanche Solidbody (SOLD)

Price: CDN $1260
US Price: US $1003.42
*US dollar exchange varies daily
Class: Used
S/N: CLF51896, dates to around 2008.
After selling the Fender Musical Instrument company to CBS, Leo Fender still wanted to build instruments and founded G&L with George Fullerton as soon as his non-compete period ended. Leo also designed guitars for Music Man through his other company, CLF Research(for Clarence Leo Fender). Leo Fender died in 1991.


The G&L Comanche is clearly influenced by a classic design, with an offset body, bolt on neck, three pickups and a vibrato bridge. This example dates to around 2008 (G&L serial numbers are not sequential) and is in very good condition, with minor fret wear in the low positions and some pickguard marking. It sports a birds-eye maple neck, three Z could noisless pickups, locking tuners, a 5-way switch and a mini toggle for extra pickup combinations. It plays well and cleanly, and the original molded case is included.

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