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2013 Pedulla Thunderbolt 5-String Bass Sunburst

Price: CDN $3000
US Price: US $2389.11
*US dollar exchange varies daily
Class: Used
S/N: TB 9663, built during 2013 in Massachusetts, USA.
The Pedulla Thunderbolt 5-String bass, like other Pedulla instruments, is built entirely in the USA. It combines a bolt-on two piece 34 inch scale, 1.875 inch nut width maple neck with rosewood fingerboard and a laminated body, producing a more traditional tone, deep and rich with overtones.  

This example dates to 2013 and features a very nicely AA flamed maple top on a soft maple back. The finish is a durable poly with a vintage sunburst colour shade, and this shading extends to the headstock.  

For hardware, Pedulla branded Gotoh tuners are installed, and a machined, chromed brass barrel bridge is used. The electonics are custom Bartolini soap-bar style pickups with an active Bartolini volume and tone circuit.  

This fine instrument is in excellent condition with very minor wear. The original hard shell case is included.  

Visit the Pedulla website to learn more about the Pedulla Thunderbolt 5-String Bass!

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