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NO LONGER AVAILABLE! 2013 Taylor 214ce-sb Sunburst Cutaway

Price: CDN $1000
US Price: US $796.37
*US dollar exchange varies daily
Class: Used
S/N: 2109243372, dates to September 24 2013 at the Taylor plant in Tecate, Mexico.
The Taylor 214ce features a cutaway Grand Auditorium body, Expression system electronics, a solid spruce top and layered Rosewood back and sides. The use of layered Rosewood - Rosewood outer veneers with a Poplar core - adds considerable stability in changing environmental conditions, at a lower price. Every bit a Taylor guitar, this model is built in a Taylor Guitars plant in Tecate, Mexico.

This example dates to September 24, 2013 and is in good condition with minor wear and a few small marks; it has been used as intended, sounds good and plays well. The top finish is showing an amount of blushing, which is a clouding effect that is entirely cosmetic. A Taylor gig bag is included.

Like other Taylors, it has a subtle but very important feature - the Taylor neck joint. Almost every steel string guitar will at some point (often decades) require a neck reset. On traditional dovetail joint guitars, this task costs well into the hundreds of dollars and sometimes requires finish work. On a Taylor, it's under an hour and a very reasonable cost.

Visit the Taylor Guitars website to learn more about the Taylor 214ce!

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