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SOLD OUT Egnater Rebel 30 Head and 1×12 Combo

The Rebel 30 picks up the features of its predecessor and takes off with them as fast as it can. This 30 watt amp offers two channels.
Channel 1gives lush, clean headroom with all the clarity and sustain you could hope for.
Channel 2 starts off with a bit of grit, and then pushes all the way into heavy metal distortion as you bring up the gain control.

Like last year’s Rebel 20, the Rebel 30 features the revolutionary ‘Tube Mix’ control. A single dial lets you choose between two separate pairs of power tubes, EL 84’s or 6V6’s, or any blend of the two. Both channels feature their own pair of Egnater’s trademark ‘bright’ and ‘tight’ toggle switches for shaping the attack and bass response. Each channel also has independent wattage and reverb level controls. Egnater has also included a direct line output, allowing mic-free silent recording. The two-button footswitch gives remote control for channel selection, and reverb on/off.

The Rebel 30 is available as a 1×12 or 2×12 combo. SOLD OUT

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