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Dynarette Classical Guitar Support Cushion

The Dynarette Classical Guitar Support Cushion was designed in Sweden by George Varney, and this simple and ingenious device has been in production since 1985. The Twelfth Fret has sold over 200 Dynarette Supports to date. Our customers tell us they get relief from back pain due to practicing for extended periods with one leg raised on a foot stool.


Roland Edirol R-09 24 bit Wave MP3 Recorder

It just doesn’t get any easier than this. I turned this Edirol R-09 on, hit “Record”, set the input level … hit “Record” again and played for a bit … hit “Stop” … end of recording process.


Sir Ramic Custom Handmade Slides

John Tilden has been recognized as one of Canada’s top slide players for 30 years. We are excited to be able to offer handmade slides by noted vocalist Elizabeth Tilden. Each slide is a unique piece and sells for $19.95 Canadian dollars ($14.95 U.S. dollars at today’s exchange rate). Here’s what John has to say about them!


Hiscox Musical Instrument Cases

Hiscox Musical Instrument Cases

Hiscox cases are made in the Staffordshire England to the highest standards. These ultra-light weight cases are “flight worthy” and should protect your instrument in most circumstances encountered in airline travel.


The Plenosom Armrest by Tessarin & Bellinati

Here is a useful guitar accessory that not only makes your instrument more comfortable to play,  but improves the tone & projection as well!

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