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Vintage and Used Instruments

Welcome to Vintage and Used Instruments at The Twelfth Fret!  We carry a wide and frequently changing variety of vintage and used instruments in many price ranges, from recently purchased items to centuries-old antique pieces.    We can’t possibly do full features on everything that comes into our shop, so if you’re looking for something specific,  contact us with the link to the right – in the meantime, here are some of the items we carry.   Don’t forget to check out our Just In page for the most up to date listings!

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2006 Hofner 62 Reissue Beatle Bass

There are a few instruments that are immediately bring to mind particular artists, and the Hofner Beatle Bass is one of them.

2015 Collings D1A Dreadnought Steel String Guitar

The Collings D1A is the Adirondack Spruce topped version of the classic mahogany dreadnought, an essential tool for any acoustic player.

1939 Recording King Roy Smeck A104 Archtop Electric Guitar

From the 1920s to 1950's, Roy Smeck was one of the best known American musicians, playing guitar, banjo and uke and offering instructional materials.

2004 Taylor 355 12-String Acoustic Guitar

Built from 1998 to 2011, the Taylor 355 is a traditional jumbo-body 12-string acoustic guitar, with no cutaway and no pickups.

2012 Gibson Thunderbird Bass ‘Non Reverse’ 2013 Model

Gibson introduced the Thunderbird bass in 1963 as part of a new lineup of instruments created by legendary auto designer Ray Dietrich.

1979 Michael Schreiner Lute

Michael Schreiner has been building historical instruments in the Toronto area for several decades. This lute is an earlier example of his fine work.

2010 XITS X4-112-G Amplifier

The XITS X4 is a 5-watt combo amplifier based on EF86, ECC83 and EL84 tubes - while it tends towards a chimey, VOX AC15

2010 Suhr Badger 18 Amp Head and Cabinet

The Suhr Badger 18 is an all tube, single channel 18 watt amplifier with a 1x12 speaker cabinet, built for the performing and recording guitarist.

1988 Marshal JCM800 50 Watt Head and Slant Cabinet

The Marshall stack, using models like the Marshall JCM800 and one or two cabinets, defined the look of the rock stage from the 1960s.