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Amplifiers Vintage and Used

The Twelfth Fret carries many quality Vintage and Used amplifiers, Amplifiers have their own unique voices and it can be very interesting to play through different models.

2011 Swart STR Tweed Space Tone Reverb Tube Amplfier

Smaller amps have really come into their own, and the Swart SRT Tweed Space Tone Reverb is an excellent choice for quality tone at manageable

1969 Fender Pro Reverb Amplifier

Built from 1965 to 1982, the Fender Pro Reverb amp originally pushed 40 tube watts (70 watts after 1976) out of a pair of 12

1990s Bogner Metropolis 1×12 Combo Amplifier

This Bogner Metropolis 1x12 Combo Amp was built in the late 1990s as a classic AC style, 15 watt, class A tube amplifer with EL84

1990s Bogner Shiva 2×10 Combo Amplifier

The Bogner Shiva amplifier features a pair of channels capable of both crystal clear highs and rich, full tube saturation, here in a 6L6 60

1965 Fender Concert 4×10 Blackface Amplifier

Introduced in 1959 as a 40-watt 4x 10 combo amp, the Fender Concert Amp was built until 1965, and was replaced by models like the

1977 Mesa Boogie Mark 1 Combo Amplifier

The Mesa Boogie Mark 1 combo amp was originally based on various Fender amplifiers - a Princeton with Bassman circuitry and a 12 inch speaker.

2011 PRS 4×10 Speaker Cabinet NO LONGER AVAILABLE

PRS 4x10 speaker cabinet from 2011, openback, in paisley tweed. Designed for Derek Trucks. Aged greenback speakers.

Fryette Memphis 30 Combo 2011 (Consignment) No Longer Available

The Fryette Memphis 30 Combo is a versatile combo amp in all original condition.

Tungsten Crema Wheat Amp (Consignment) No Longer Available

This Tungsten amp is the size of a Fender Pro and features a Mather cabinet, a Scumback M75 12" speaker and cool looking tweed tolex.