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Amplifiers Vintage and Used

The Twelfth Fret carries many quality Vintage and Used amplifiers, Amplifiers have their own unique voices and it can be very interesting to play through different models.


1964 Fender Bassman Blackface Amplifier (SOLD)

The Fender Bassman amplifer first appeared in 1952 as a companion to the new, groundbreaking Fender Precision Bass. First in combo format, in


1982 Mesa Boogie Mark IIB Series 300 Coliseum Head

This 1982 Mesa Boogie Mark IIB Series 300 Coliseum Head will take you back to the days when it was common for guitarists to have


1976 Fender Twin Reverb Amplifier

The Fender Twin Reverb has been one of the most common and relied-on professional quality guitar amplifers. Originally introduced in 1952 as the 'Fender Twin'


1976 Traynor Bass Mate REDUCED

Traynor made many models of amps, starting with bass amplifiers. Eventually the 25-watt, single 15 inch speaker Traynor Bass Mate YBA-2 appeared, and


Peavey JSX Head and 4×12 Cabinet

Peavey JSX Head and 4x12 Cabinet. This is the Joe Satriani 120 Watt model, in excellent condition. 3 channels, noise gate,


1972 Traynor Guitar Mate Amplifier No Longer Available

1972 Traynor Guitar Mate Reverb III Amplifierm good working order, classic Canadian amplifier


1961 Gibson Falcon Amp

1961 Gibson Falcon amp, tweed. 6v6, 12 inch Jenson C12R speaker. New reverb tank, footswitch jack added to period switch.

2011 PRS 4×10 Speaker Cabinet NO LONGER AVAILABLE

PRS 4x10 speaker cabinet from 2011, openback, in paisley tweed. Designed for Derek Trucks. Aged greenback speakers.


TC Electronic G System (consignment) REDUCED

Here we have a TC Electronic G system. Aside from its quality and flexibility, and its tank-like construction, its design is