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Guitars Vintage and Used

The Twelfth Fret carries a huge range of vintage and used instruments. Here is a selection of what’s passing through our shop.

Vintage Guitars

2012 Turner Model 1 Electric Guitar

The first Turner Model 1 guitar was built for Lindsay Buckingham at the height of Fleetwood Mac's career, and it appeared on massive hits.

2009 Alhambra Luthier India Classical Guitar

Part of the Alhambra Signature Guitars series, the Luthier India classical guitar is hand-built with cedar top and Indian Rosewood back and sides.

1947 Gibson Super 400 Archtop Guitar Sunburst

The Gibson Super 400 first appeared during 1935 as a variant of the vaunted L-5, the Super L-5 Deluxe. By the end of

1995 Ramirez 1a Professional Classical Guitar

The Ramirez 1a is considered the top of the line for production classical guitars, relied on by professionals for powerful yet expressive delivery of tone.

2012 Mesa Express 5:25 Tube 1×12 Combo Amplifier

The Mesa Express line is one of the most affordable, versatile amps available from Mesa Engineering, delivering switchable channels and power levels.

2014 Louis Electric KR12 Tube Amplifier

The Louis Electric KR12 design is drawn from the amp built for and used by Hubert Sumlin, who for years was Howlin Wolf's guitarist.

2009 Mesa Boogie Mark V Combo Amp

The Mesa Boogie Mark V is an incredibly versatile amplifier, intended to contain the sounds of all the previous Mesa Mark series amps in

1997 Fender Super Amp 4×10

The Fender Super Amp has been built in a number of versions over the years, starting as 20 watts in 1946 and coming to the

1995 Mesa Boogie Mark 1 Reissue Amplifier Creme

The Mesa Boogie Mark 1 was an unexpectedly significant amplifier, blending a Bassman circuit and 12 inch JBL into a Fender Princeton chassis and cabinet