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Archtop and Thinline Vintage and Used Guitars

The Twelfth Fret stocks a large and constantly changing collection of vintage and used archtop guitars, from 1930′s fully acoustic carved masterpieces to recent thinline models with pickups.   If you’re looking for something in particular and don’t see it, contact us. We will set up instruments to the player’s requirements and we ship worldwide.

1963 Harmony Meteor H70 Thinline Archtop Guitar

At their peak, Harmony was the largest instrument maker in the USA. Guitars like the Harmony Meteor H70 were seen everywere.


1963 Guild X-175 Manhattan Archtop Electric Guitar

The Guild X-175 Manhattan, a full size electrified archtop, was built for 31 years - from 1954 to 1985.


2013 Gibson L-5 Wes Montgomery Cherry Red Archtop Guitar

The Gibson L-5 has been the top of the heap for full body archtop guitars since its introduction in 1924, and through evolving it has


1962 Kay Swingmaster K673 Thinline Archtop Electric Guitar

The Kay company produced a huge number of instruments, like this Kay Swingmaster, and they were used by many musicians up to the professional level.


2016 Harrison GB Custom Acoustic Thinline Archtop SOLD

We've just taken delivery of a brand new Harrison GB Custom thinline archtop guitar, this time an acoustic model with a neck mount Bartolini pickup.


1930 Gibson L4 Archtop Guitar (SOLD)

The Gibson L4 archtop guitar appeared in 1911, as one of Orville Gibson's innovations - combining violin technology with guitar design.