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Cervantes Fleta Concert Classical Guitar

We are very happy to be receiving Cervantes classical and flamenco guitars again.   This Cervantes Fleta Concert, built with solid Indian rosewood with a solid cedar top, nicely demonstrates the quality of Cervantes guitars.

Ignacio Fleta was one of the most influential of the 20th century Spanish luthiers, and from in the 1960s and 1970s championed and developed the use of cedar as a top material.   Top tier performers such as Andres Segovia and John Williams promoted his instruments, and they have high values.

Many later builders follow the work of Fleta, as is seen in this Cervantes Fleta Concert.   The results are predictably good; the tone is warm and rich with good volume and projection.

While the new Cervantes guitars are very traditional in their approach, they have several subtle but rather meaningful improvements.

The fretwire used is higher, wider and harder than what is typically used on classical guitars.   There are two main practical effects from this change.  First, the frets will take longer to wear out, and second, the slight increase in mass adds to the clarity of the tone and sustain of the note with less effort required from the player.

Additionally, this Cervantes Concert Fleta sports another almost invisible, but certainly audible improvement – the nut and saddle are compensated to improve intonation throughout the fingerboard.   The Gotoh tuners are very smooth, and tuning is quick and easy.

Finally, the bridge is drilled with twelve string holes rather than six.  This allows the string knot to be tied much more securely and in a shorter time.

Read more about the Cervantes Fleta Concert at the Cervantes website here!

Read about the documentary film of Ignacio Fleta’s life, ‘I Am A Guitar’, featuring guitars played by Liona Boyd.

Serial Number: Varies as New

Pricing: $2,950.00 Canadian dollars, including case.   Or, $2270 US dollars.
NOTE: US Dollar pricing is based on 1.3 % exchange rate.   Exchange Rates change daily!

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