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Aclam Fasteners For Smart Track Pedalboard


The Aclam Fasteners are the accessory which keep your guitar pedals neat and tidy in your Smart Track pedalboard. Their anti-slip surface and their functioning through a pressure system keeps the rig securely fastened without adhesives. Fasteners also allow the reuse and operate with a screw which can be adjusted as often as needed.

Aclam’s Fasteners are compatible with all Smart Track and Hybrid Track pedalboards and have been designed to be reused as many times as needed without losing grip. With this Velcro alternative you’ll always keep your pedals neat and clean, as well as secured, no one will be able to pull off one of your stompboxes furtively, unless they carry a screwdriver, which is not the most common item one carries around.


About The Fasteners

Made of polyamide, the Aclam Fasteners are designed to apply pressure on the effects pedals to keep them in place. The anti-slip rubber surface that is in contact with the stompbox will avoid it to get scratched or harmed. To ensure a sturdy fixation, the fastener tilts against the pedal when screwing it in place.

How To Use The Aclam Fasteners

Just place the effects pedal at the desired position. While keeping the pedal in place press the fastener against the pedal and with a screwdriver fasten it to the board. Aclam recommends using four fasteners per effects pedal, but some smaller effects pedals can be fastened with two, and other bigger ones can be fastened with more than four if found necessary.

Pedals which have non-rectangular shapes or that need fastening from top and bottom, rather than from the sides, will need Fasteners 360º to attach them properly to the board.


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