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Aclam Hybrid Track L2 Pedalboard

The Aclam Hybrid Track L2 pedalboard with top routing is the large pedalboard of the Hybrid Track series, at least in the standard format. The combination of both fastening methods, Velcro and Smart Track will give you an attachment choice for each pedal increasing the versatility and space management possibilities. With this large pedal board, you will always keep your pro rig taken care of. 

Smart Track is a lightweight, durable pedalboard made from anodized aluminum and can be easily transported using the customized soft case.


Classic And New

Aclam Hybrid Track L2 pedalboard – top routing allows using both attaching methods in one large pedal board. You can use the Smart Track method for those mew pedals that haven’t been covered with Velcro, or the really expensive boutique ones, and use the Velcro® brand strips if you already have pedals with this polyester stuck on them. A choice for each specific case.

Enjoy the modular features of Aclam’s Smart Track® and Evo Track® fastening methods as well as both attaching approaches, having it all was never this easy!

Cable Overlay

Aclam Hybrid Track L2 pedalboard – top routing is only available with the top routing format and will reverse into a Smart Track L2 – top routing. If you are concerned about the cabling mess you should know that you can use the Tidy Cables to keep this large pedal board neat. Use these polyamide clips to attach and route cables across the track’s grooves, under the pedals and up vertically using the clamped-clips know as Tidy Cables Duo.

Having this kind of routing configuration will come in handy if there is a signal problem and you must detect where the problem is rapidly. Lifting and flipping over a large pedal board like the Hybrid Track L2 – top routing can be tricky, especially if it’s fully loaded of pedals. With the cables on the top side you can see what is going on without having to do any kind of effort.


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