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Aclam L2 Advance Kit Pedalboard

The Aclam L2 Advance Kit Pedalboard – top routing, also has a value pack with the most sold accessories. Grab this big pedalboard together with a PSU support Universal Simple to get your power supply out of the way, and the cable organizer Tidy Cables Pack to keep cables well routed, neat and tidy. Use the soft case included in the pack to carry your big pedalboard around with effects pedals always protected. 



What Do I Get?

Aclam L2 Advance Kit Pedalboard- Top Routing includes the Smart Tack L2 – top routing pedalboard with its soft case. Use the 56 fasteners you receive to fit up to 14 standard-sized effects pedals to this big pedalboard. You can reuse fasteners as many times as needed without harming the effects pedals with glue nor adhesives nor substitutes.

The PSU Support Universal Simple will let you place the PSU underneath the pedalboard, thanks to the inclination attained with the adjustable rear feet.

Cable routing made easy with the Tidy Cables Pack included in the bundle, use the grooves to hide cables and build a tidy and neat big pedalboard.

Sooner or Later

Having observed that sooner or later (more sooner than later) pedalboard users come back to us for that PSU support they didn’t purchase with the board, or those clips to tidy cabling up that didn’t seem to be necessary before receiving the pedalboard; we thought it would save money and time to offer a value pack with those must-have accessories.

Aclam’s big pedalboard, the Smart Track L2 – top routing, is included in this bundle kit so you can sort the basics in one order. Be smart and get what we know you will need at the minimum possible cost.


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