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Aclam Smart Track S2 Top Routing Pedalboard With Case


The Smart Track S2 board offers a solution to keep your pedals in line without permanently marking them up with Velcro. It can hold eight to 10 pedals on a footprint of just under 24-by 12 inches. Included with the Aclam Smart Track S2 with top routing are 40 reusable fasteners that attach your pedals to the board with the help of a flathead screwdriver.
If you use a lot of guitar effects pedals when you play and need to add or change their order quickly and cleanly, the Smart Track pedalboard is specially designed to meet your needs. With its new Fasteners system, your pedals will be kept in brand-new condition.

The Aclam Smart Track S2 Top Routing pedalboard is the ideal size for those tone addicts who need from 8 to 10 pedals to put together their sophisticated rigs. This best-selling pedalboard will allow you to build a complex yet portable setup, keeping the pedals’ chain tidy and clean.


The Smart Track Method

This patented attaching system eliminates the need of sticking hook and loop or adhesives to the effects pedals. The Smart Track method uses rubber Fasteners to cleverly fix pedals into position, allowing you to relocate pedals with ease to achieve the perfect setup.

As with all Aclam Smart Track pedalboards, it includes the needed number of fasteners to fill the board with the stated number of pedals, in this case 40 fasteners. Aclam recommends the use of 4 fasteners per standard-sized pedal.  

Pedalboard Architecture

The anodized aluminum used to manufacture these boards will deliver lightness, toughness and portability, key aspects for a touring musician. Manage the pedalboard’s steepness using the adjustable rear legs to ease the access to the second row of pedals in this double-tracked board.

Modular Concept

Take advantage of its modular design to elevate the second row of pedals completely or just partially, attach a power supply support underneath or even get rid of a row of pedals and downsize it to a Smart Track S1 top routing for smaller gigs or less demanding setups. 

All Smart Track pedalboards have the ability of converting into Evo Tracks by flipping them over and adding VELCRO brand strips on it.

More Tips

  • Use the softcase S2 designed for Alcam Smart Track S2 to carry your effects around or go for the Hard Case S2 if you want the extra protection for flights or heavy touring scenarios. All cases have been designed to fit the pedalboard plus whatever Aclam accessory you choose to use.
  • The top routing configuration of this board will make cable managing easier, allowing quicker issue detection than having tangled wires at bottom of a fully loaded board and having to flip it over to check which one is failing. Use the Tidy Cable options available to keep cables tidy and organized.


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