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Aclam Tidy Cables Duo

The Aclam Tidy Cables Duo works like a staple which is installed by applying a little pressure and it is uninstalled just as easy. This way you can do an undo as many times as you wish your set of pedals. Unlike the Tidy Cables, the Duo model supports any type of cable regardless of thickness and in both directions: vertical and horizontal.

Tidy in all Directions

While the Tidy Cables SE offers a cable management solution which can handle horizontal routing needs, the Aclam Tidy Cables Duo broadens the options to deliver vertical channeling as well. Keep cables tidy!



The  Aclam Tidy Cables Duo accessory has evolved to its DUO version which allows you to keep the cables in the Tracks’ rails and also includes the possibility of keeping safe also the wiring that you need to install outside them, vertically. This way you will be able to keep the cables of your effects pedals in the Tracks without jeopardizing the integrity of your rig in both directions, either horizontal and vertical independently the thickness of the wiring.


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