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Aclam Tidy Cables SE


Aclam Tidy Cables help organize Smart Track pedalboards. Made of polypropylene, an ideal molecular structure for its resistance and hardness, which grants durability. This cable management solution can be placed and removed as many times as needed without wearing out nor loosing grip.

Tidy Cables includes five units which attach to the board’s grooves by pressure, and are easily removed by pulling them apart.

Place the cables along the grooves and use Aclam’s cable management solution, the Tidy Cables to keep them in place. If you need to route your cables vertically have a look at Tidy Cables Duo option which include cable management alternatives.

A neat and organized pedalboard will increase reliability, allow you to detect issues quicker and make your life easier when it comes to re-doing your pedal chain. This cable management solution designed for Aclam’s pedalboards will keep your cables in place.


Smart Design

The resulting designs for Aclam’s pedalboards didn’t happen by chance, every space and groove has been thought for a particular reason, to give a modular ability to the whole system. Specially designed as a cable management solution, the Tidy Cables is a basic accessory to build a neat and efficient pedalboard.

Keep Cables Tidy!

While cable management may seem to exclusively have an esthetic end, there are many other advantages linked to a neat and tidy cable display.

  • Swift problem detection in the case of malfunction of a specific effects pedal, patch cable or power wiring. Knowing were the chain starts and ends without tangled wiring hanging from here and there will help you replace or correct the issue.
  • Space saving thanks to well defined routes of cables, using the pedalboard’s grooves, you will avoid having big chunks of annoying cabling over the board.
  • Extra protection against involuntary cable pulls and kicks, specially once they are resting in the pedalboard’s grooves.
  • The clips are like staples that are installed by applying a bit of pressure and it’s same easily removed. This makes much easier to set and unset your pedals.

Plan your pedalboard before deciding the number of Tidy Cables you will need to cover the entire board. Bear in mind that Aclam’s cable management solution can also be used on the grooves underneath the board.

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