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Aclam XS2 Smart Track Top Routing Pedalboard


Aclam XS2 Smart Track top routing pedalboard is a patented method which ends the need of sticking dirty agents to your pedals like adhesives or hook and loop. You just need to use fasteners, which with their rubber finish will securely fasten all into place without any trace of gluey dirt.

A total of 24 fasteners are included with the Aclam XS2 Smart Track pedalboard for you to use at your convenience. Four fasteners per effect pedal will do the job for the standard-sized,but feel free to explore other combinations.

Just face it, you have increased the number of pedals you use, and you need a compact solution to carry those five to seven stompboxes around. Here is where the Alcam XS2 Smart Track comes in handy, delivering tidiness, modularity and massive care for those “precious ones” you own.



Tips and Tricks

  • Take advantage of the track’s grooves to route cables across them, passing them under the pedals and using Tidy Cables to maintain them in place and tidy at all time.
  • Effortlessly carry the pedalboard around in its nylon custom softcase with pocket.
  • Many different accessories are available to customize and tweak the pedalboard based on your needs.
  • Made of anodized aluminum it grants light-weight and durability, making it the best road companion possible.
  • Use the rear adjustable legs to deal with uneven stages and just worry about the performance!

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