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Demeter Fat Control Mid Boost Buffer Pedal

The Demeter Fat Control Mid Boost Buffer Pedal is the ‘standalone’ pedal version of the Demeter Mid Boost circuit.  We’ve carried the installable version for some years, and this version lets you fatten up any instrument you can plug in.  

Housed in a very solid, standard sized  metal box, the Demeter Fat Control is simple to operate, with one ‘Fat’ rotary control, a Fat / Fatter switch on the side, an on-off switch and an LED status light.  


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Here is the builder on the Demeter Fat Control – Mid Boost buffer pedal: 

“The MB-2B Midboost/Fat Control boosts a wide mid-frequency range for a more distinct natural frequency boost than any other midboosts. The frequencies selected give your guitar the best response and sustain possible.

The MB-2B Midboost/Fat Control used with a stratocaster (single coil) type pickup produces a sound very similar to the old Gibson P90 pickup. Used with humbucking type pickups, the sound is transformed into that of super humbucking pickups. The MB-2B Midboost/Fat Control produces the sound equivalent of adding 5,000 feet of wire to your pickup, and at a turn of the knob the MB-2B Midboost/Fat Control will respond by adding any amount of midboost you desire.

There is one control on the unit: Flat/Fat, plus a foot switch to bypass the effect, and an LED to indicate effect operation.

Flat/fat affects the midboost/buffer which includes a wide variable gain mid-frequency power booster control and a built-in low impedance buffer.

Inputs/outputs: there is a 1/4″ input jack on the right-hand side of the pedal, and a 1/4″ output jack on the left-hand side, with a battery switch on the input jack.

Power supply: 9 volts DC, internal or external. Internal using a 9 volt battery (for battery access, remove the four screws on the sides of the unit and pull apart). WARNING: If battery drops below 7 volts, noise will occur. External using a 9 volt regulated power supply, standard Boss type of at least 100 mA.”

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