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Demeter MB-2 Midboost – Fat Control

The Demeter MB-2 Midboost / Fat Control is  for guitar players looking to add depth, warmth and extra punch to their tone, a midbooster can be the perfect tool.

Demeter’s MB-2 Midboost / Fat Control is a powered, onboard preamp designed to enhance the midrange frequencies of your guitar. Demeter has voiced this mid booster beautifully, allowing it to give your guitar the extra power and sustain you want for enhancing your solo tones, without adding harshness or making things too “flubby”. The MB-2 comes with its own volume pot, allowing it to be “blended” in to your natural guitar tone. This gives you full control over how much boost you want to add to your signal.

The Demeter MB-2 Midboost / Fat Control hits the sweet spot perfectly.


Customer Review:

Many years ago, my very first trip to The Twelfth Fret was to buy a Demeter MB-2 to be installed in my Stratocaster. Being my primary “gigging” guitar, I wanted to add a little more versatility to my already versatile axe. The MB-2 did just that, making my Strat the one guitar in my arsenal that could truly do everything I needed it to. Working in conjunction with a set of Lace Holy Grail hum-cancelling pickups, I could now go from the bright, clear, chimey tones that the Strat is known for all the way up to thick, fat, aggressive lead tones. When I want my guitar to sound a little chunkier than usual, I’ll roll-in the MB-2 just a little. Or if I want to play a solo with the kind of screaming sustain that usually requires a Les Paul, I’ll crank my MB-2 up to full power and let it rip. It’s a very similar setup to that found in Eric Clapton’s signature model Stratocaster. Personally, I’ve always found the booster in the Clapton Strat to be a bit over the top for what I need… the Demeter Midbooster hits the sweet spot perfectly.

Demeter MB-2 is also available in a Pedal Format

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