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DiMarzio Area 61 Pickup

The DiMarzio Area 61 pickup does it good! It’s the perfect bridge pickup with a pair of Area 58 pickups if you want to go all the way from Nashville to Texas in one guitar. DiMarzio has been working on serious vintage single-coil design with no hum for twelve years. DiMarzio Area 61 Pickup is ideal for use in all three of your Strat’s pickup positions (or nearly any guitar that accepts single-coil pickups), the Area 61 also produces less magnet pull for better intonation and sustain. DiMarzio has goal has always been to capture the best qualities of pickups from the 1950s and early 60s. Pickups from the early 60s had a unique tonality: they were steely, yet woody-sounding and have naturally nailed this sound, and with no hum and less magnet-pull. 


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