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DiMarzio Fast Track T Pickup

The DiMarzio Fast Track T Pickup is hotter than most single-coil Tele bridge pickups, but it has way more twang and snap than a humbucking pickup ought to have. DiMarzio pulled this trick off by combining patented dual-resonance coils (less DC resistance than a standard Tele® single-coil) with twin-blade poles for less string-pull than standard rod magnets. It all means more sustain, cleaner highs and tighter bass. It may not look like a traditional Tele bridge pickup, but if outstanding hum-free performance is the goal, the DiMarzio Fast Track T is a clear winner.



DiMarzio Fast Track T  Pickup Tech Stuff

Different control resistance values will yield a wide range of tones with the Fast Track 2™. 250K controls (the usual value on most Tele® guitars) will produce a fairly warm sound without much high-end bite: a 500K volume and 1 Megohm tone will be very twangy. 500K volume and 250K tone produce a more balanced tone.

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