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DR Legend Flatwound Bass Guitar Strings

DR Legend Flatwound Bass Guitar Strings have a polished stainless steel, flat ribbon wrap over an hexagonal steel core. This type of flat wound winding is designed primarily for jazz players and hollow and semi-hollow body guitars giving a smooth, warmer tone than round wound strings. The flat winding also eliminates most finger noise.

More About DR Strings

DR use only the finest American materials starting with the wire, to the ball ends, to the packaging. When someone sees the DR logo, that is what they are getting, the best of everything. When you put DR strings on a guitar, you’re not only looking for the response of a fresh string, you’re looking to hear something extra that you didn’t hear before, and that’s DR’s goal, to give you more.
DR was born from guitars. Al Dronge, the founder of Guild Guitars, always wanted to add a string making facility. Mark Dronge took the lessons he learned from his father and applied them to DR.

Legendary players like Sting, Stanley Clarke, Victor Wooten, Geezer Butler and Jeff Berlin have made DR their strings of choice.



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