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G7TH Nashville Guitar Capo Steel String

The G7TH Nashville Guitar Capo Steel String addresses the problems often present in other spring capos. Lighter to use, but still enough strength to get the job done. 

Since the launch of the company in 2004, G7th has repeatedly raised the bar in capo design and development. Introduced in 2007, the G7th Nashville capo marked an important development in the evolution of an existing popular capo design, removing some of its inherent problems, and taking styling to a whole new level.

The G7th Nashville Capo is a simple spring capo design it offers less tuning problems, reduced spring tension means less time spent retuning. Safeguards your Tone and protects your neck.  Fast, easy to use and carefully designed to eliminate the problems caused by excessive clamping force. Now you can play, write or jam without string buzz or constant re-tuning. Its wrap-around silicone rubber and bar design eliminates deadening of tone and avoids dangerous metal to wood contact on your guitar neck.


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