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Hall 3-Way Banjo Wrench

Designed in the UK,  the Hall 3-Way Banjo Wrench / t-wrench / banjo Key is the best there is. 
It is a daily essential tool used at our own busy workbench. The large size and shape of this wrench has a better “feel” which results in a better sense of how evenly you can tighten down the nuts when tensioning a new head compared to the typical small T-wrenches.  It eliminates any need for a torque wrench.

High quality machining of the Hall 3-Way Banjo Wrench ensures a much cleaner fit to new tension-hook nuts and prevents marks or rounding off the edges of the nuts.

All three of the commonly used sizes;  1/4″  –  9/32″ –  5/16″  – fits virtually all modern banjos.



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