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Jose Ramirez Classical Guitar Strings

The Jose Ramirez Classical Guitar Strings are silver plated wound for bases are specifically computer balanced. This gives absolute quality for timber and intonation, as well as a powerful sound.  The material of the nylon strings has the best quality we could ever demand, and its response and intonation ensures a perfect sound balance.


The José Ramírez sets are available in medium and high tensions:

Medium Tension

E – 6.88 kg
B – 7.00 kg
G – 7.30 kg
D – 7.70 kg
A – 7.50 kg
E – 7.90 kg

High Tension

E – 7.06 kg
B – 7.13 kg
G – 7.75 kg
D – 8.75 kg
A – 8.35 kg
E – 8.80 kg

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