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Super-Vee Mag-Lok Tremolo Anti-Deflection Device

The Super-Vee Mag-Lok Tremolo Anti-Deflection Device reduces string-drop during double-stop string bends. The revolutionary Mag-Lok design uses Rare Earth super magnets to securely hold the zero position during hard finger string bends, but transparently releases when using the whammy bar. It is truly the “Holy Grail” for ultimate control on all tone block style trem systems – including Floyd Rose. 

Designed to eliminate string lag during double-stop string bends and increase tuning stability – with a light perceptible detent for the return zero position.  Inside the Mag-Lok, between the magnets is a buffer pad.  This is a slim pad of material that cushions the transition between locked and unlocked.  The buffer can be replaced with a thicker or thinner pad or completely removed to accommodate your string gauge, tuning preferences or playing style.

Reduces string-drop during double-stop string bends!


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