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Ruby’s Guitar Armrest


Guitarists have long wrestled with the problem of resting the picking arm on the edge of the guitar and damping the top’s vibration. This damping results in a loss of tone, volume and projection, depending on how much weight of the player’s arm rests on the top. Ruby’s Guitar Armrest is an easy way to deal with this, and it can instantly improve the tone, volume and projection of the guitar and the geometry of the player’s hand position.

Ruby’s Guitar Armrest is a simple armrest that attaches to the lower bass side of the guitar with suction cups, and supports the forearm away from the top. This removable design does not require any modification to the instrument, and if used properly (just remove the armrest after playing) will not harm the instrument in any way.



Ruby's Guitar Armrest - The Twelfth Fret

Ruby’s Guitar Armrest

Note:  On instruments with nitrocellulose lacquer finishes, including guitars like relatively new Gibson or Martin models, the finish does not cure for quite some time, and leaving the suction cups in place may result in imprints or impressions in the lacquer. Synthetic finishes, such as the urethane or polyester finishes found on many guitars, and Larrivee or Taylor-style UV-cured finishes should not have this issue.


  • Model: Ruby's Arm Rest
  • Country of Origin: Canada
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