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Sagework Magnetic Guitar Support Magnet Set

The Sagework Magnetic Guitar Support Magnet Set is ideal for those who own more than one guitar and wish to use the Sagework support as you move from one guitar to another. Each guitar needs a set of interior magnets, but you only need one actual support. By securing the spare magnet set you’ll be able to move freely between guitars quickly attaching your Sagework support to each guitar in your chosen pre-set position every time.

The Sagework Magnetic Guitar Support Magnet set is installed on the interior of the guitar using double-sided adhesive films. The films also have a tab that’s used to easily remove the films and interior magnets if desired.

The Sageworks exterior magnets are integrated into the Barnett Support and use cork to provide excellent protection for your guitar.

WARNING: Do not use magnetic guitar supports if you have a pacemaker or similar device.




How to Install The Sagework Atlas Guitar Support: 



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