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Shubb C5 Banjo Capo – Standard

Shubb C5 Banjo Capo in polished nickel finish is the choice of millions of musicians worldwide, now upgraded to feature the roller design and contoured lever.

Read more about the Shubb roller design advantages.

Shubb C5 Standard Capo Features:

  • Fits most banjos, mandolins and bouzoukis.
  • Boasts Shubb’s legendary 40-year-old capo design.
  • Patented over-center locking action ensures smooth operation and unrivaled ease of use.
  • Soft rubber pad works like your fingertip, so it doesn’t bend your strings over your banjo’s frets.
  • Closing action is similar to that of your hand, so it doesn’t pull your strings off center.
  • Eliminates the need to retune your instrument after installing the capo.
  • Fast, easy installation via a single lever.



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