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SHUBB FineTune F1 and F5 Capo

Once in a while, a guitar accessory comes along that truly stands out; the SHUBB FineTune Capo is one of those exceptional items.

Many players prefer a traditional U-shaped, thumb-screw operated capo that can be stored behind the nut while not in use. For these players, the SHUBB FineTune F1 and F5 Capo offers highest quality craftsmanship plus unique features not seen before.

If one harks back to the old Hamilton capo of the 60s and 70s, they could be “parked” on your peghead behind the nut, saving you from an embarrassing hunt for your capo when needed; very handy indeed!  The down-sides were finish chips on the sides of your neck  from positioning the capo too quickly,  dents in the back of the neck as the thumb screw wore through the felt pad and the cross bar could flip open without warning.

The craftsmen at SHUBB have successfully addressed all these issues and more. We find the SHUBB FineTune to be quick and easy to position and a sight-line direct to the numbers on the hexagon-shaped knob allows one to accurately reproduce the ideal string clamping tension each time we use it.

The low profile knob does not interfere with the left hand when the capo is “parked” at the nut.



SHUBB FineTune F1 and F5 Capo Features:

  • An innovative, low-profile adjusting knob with six numbered surfaces providing a visual reference to easily and accurately reproduce your ideal clamping pressure. No more “second guessing” how tight to crank the thumb-screw.
  • Specially developed rubber side bumpers inside the U-shaped yoke provide padding to prevent accidental finish chips on your neck.
  • Jeweler’s style latch prevents accidental opening of the capo bar and offers a very quick and satisfying feel of quality when you snap it shut.
  • Beautifully machined in highly polished stainless steel to the closest thread tolerance means this capo should last a lifetime.

SHUBB FineTune Capo In in three versions:

  • F-1       for standard 6 string guitar with radius fretboard
  • F-5       for standard Mandolin and Banjo
  • F-5R    for radius fretboard Mandolin and Banjo

SHUBB has been making guitar capos for nearly forty years, utilizing their patented over-center locking principle. Its action most closely resembles that of the human hand, and the most accurate capo in the world.


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