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Super-Vee BladeRunner Tremolo for Stratocasters 6-Screw Mount

The patented Super Vee BladeRunner 6-Screw Mount, frictionless bridge uses a unique “Blade” made from high tensile, tempered steel.  Sandwiched between the bridge plate and the mounting-screw block, this “blade” eliminates the “knife edge” used in standard bridges and is completely frictionless.  It has a super-smooth feel that will never degrade or wear out – guaranteed!




This Super-Vee BladeRunner 6-Screw model is designed for new builds or replacing the standard Fender style 6-screw tremolo on Strat style guitars. It has patented “Blade” technology, with truly friction-less action, and a positionable whammy bar.

The Super-Vee BladeRunner maintains the classic trem style, but out performs all other non-locking tremolos. String spacing is 2.1”– works perfect for both vintage and modern string spacing. Kit comes complete with bridge, bar, mounting screws, and springs. The BladeRunner has been engineered with the highest quality materials and with patented Zero Friction action, it outperforms all other tremolo systems with longer sustain, higher tonetransfer and superior tuning stability.

As Marc from Super Vee points out – “The key here is that friction is the enemy of all vibratos and every other trem bridge uses some form of pivot point. Primarily due to friction and wear, all other trem systems tend to “stick” in the slightly wrong position and the “zero” point will continually drift over time. This results in relentless tuning instability and inconsistent action.”