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The Twelfth Fret Barigo Hygrometer


The Twelfth Fret Barigo Hygrometer is your key monitor for the humidity level in your music room. Monitoring humidity is THE most important guitar-maintenance you will ever do.
We have commissioned Barigo, a German Scientific-Instrument maker to produce this precision, mechanical, dial hygrometer.

The Barigo hygrometer has an easy-to-read 4″ diameter instrument is accurate to a conservative tolerance of 3% RH and housed in brass trimmed metal enclosure. The dial face indicates the relative humidity with colour coded zones; red (dangerously low), yellow (caution) and green (optimum).  Each hygrometer has been calibrated by the manufacturer and then double checked here at The Twelfth Fret utilizing a sling psychrometer.


We have sold over 1000 of these units over the 10 past years. No doubt, the internal synthetic “Supratherm” element must have a “lifespan” but to date, we have not had one fail. Provided it is not subjected to extremes in temperature it should be trouble free for at least 5 to 10 years.

We re-calibrate hygrometers at no charge for our customers against a scientific quality “wet-bulb dry-bulb” hygrometer. There is no charge for this service.
We recommend caution when using electronic hygrometers as they can be up to 25% off from the true reading for the 45% RH zone; this error possibly due to a chip-programed for accuracy in the 70% RH zone for Cigar Humidors. These digital hygrometers offer no re-calibration for 45% to 50% zone ideal for guitars.


Note: a hygrometer is no substitute for common sense. If you feel your guitar music room is dryer than indicated by your hygrometer, take action NOW!  Add   humidity  while taking steps to get your hygrometer re-calibrated.

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